Overcoming the Fear of Losing the Spark / Relationship DeclineListen now (10 min) | Q'DL/002 | Nothing to be scared of, but seasons to be worked with...
Intro: The Quick 'n' Dirty Lover PodcastListen now (4 min) | Q'DL/001 | Getting this thing off the mark...
I don’t know if meditation’s any good for writing, but writing’s sure good for meditation!
Circling back to the “why”. How every story you were ever told holds greater coherence than you know.
“The stream has its currents that our oars can’t counteract.”
If you did what you are doing now every day for the next decade, would you like the person you’d be conditioned into becoming?
There are many ways of doing art, of which this is one exploration…
The current generation is like a “silent generation”; the ones into art, those likely to finish rich, and those riding a kind of 'American High'.
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Jordan Luke Collier